I was just browsing through the different sites when I came across this blog site.
Honestly I don’t know much about blogging but I signed up in this site to have a try at blogging…
I have joined just few days back!!

I love writing and if I am not doing anything, I am always seen sitting in some quite place , deep in thoughts and putting them down on a paper….

Well, friends call me a dreamer and yeah I do dream. I love dreaming. It helps me get away from the reality of life sometimes and keeps me moving on in life with the hope of witnessing my dream come true…

The most precious dream I have is (most girls dream about it) meeting someone so special to love and to be loved….
And I found it just so recently and the most beautiful part of it is, I found it in my best friend.

Sounds like a common story right??
However, there are lots of twists in the story and a pretty lot of obstacles in our relationship which we are trying to work out very hard.

So my blogs are gonna be more or less about my new found soul mate and our journey together….

So, what do you all have to say on this??


7 responses to “FRESHER!!

  1. wow you are very lucky to find someone you truly care. Hope everything works out for both of you. I believe love conquers all.

    And welcome to blogging. I’m very new myself. ^^

  2. thank you for leaving your comment….

    i had started to think that my posts were not visible to the readers lol…

    yeah i think i am lucky to find someone to care for, but i feel luckier to have found someone who gives me such love which people believe only exists in novels or movies…

    i believe it will work out for us though we are having a hard time because of external obstacles invading our beautiful bond 😦

    i’m glad to come across you (^-^)

  3. I read your posts. You sound so in love, it makes me wanna be in love too! I wish the best for you guys. -)))) Pleas keep the blog posted.. I would love to read more 😀

  4. thank you so much for reading them…

    yeah i am so in love and he too… i mean we are so much in love :))

    i will do keep posting about us but it won’t be always a happy one. so keep reading

    don’t worry when you will find the one for you, you will feel the same… best of luck!!

  5. haha thank you… :)) i’ll be reading your posts 😀

  6. I agree with Cambodiaforever. I am a bit jealous. Hold onto him as if glue was splashed between the both of you. Cling to him like you would if one of you were in danger of falling from a cliff. Get the idea?

    thank you for another sweet piece.I hope my words can carry such tenderness.


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